Your Ergonomic Software Solution

Virtual, not pretend

First of all, our Virtual Ergonomists are real ergonomists; they just operate remotely by telephone.

How does a Virtual Ergonomist know so much about your employee's workspace?

The Virtual Ergonomist has access to your employee's important data through ErgoStat, InjuryFree's online data collection, management and reporting tool that puts all of your company's ergonomic information in one central, easy-to-manage location.

Using ErgoStat, our Virtual Ergonomist knows what kind of workstation your employee is working at, as well as its specific attributes. During the enrollment process, your employee used ErgoStat to collect specific information on the type of keyboard, monitor, mouse, phone, chair and other related accessories. We know from the information they provided the specific location of their discomfort, how it begins, how long it tends to last, etc. With our extensive database of workstation and hardware specifications, the VE can quite quickly ascertain likely scenarios that are causing problems for your employee.

Practice makes perfect

Because our Virtual Ergonomists can handle so many cases each day (no travel time makes a big difference!) they have extensive experience with common ergonomics issues and deep familiarity with virtually all workstation and chair configurations.

Quality work. At a significantly lower cost. It's a pretty amazing combination, don't you think?

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