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How can Virtual Ergonomics save money for my company?

Quite simply, on-site ergonomic evaluations and intervention are expensive. Time, travel and product costs add up quickly. By comparison, professional assessments conducted by a Virtual Ergonomist are spectacularly cost-effective.

Our consulting organization, InjuryFree, has provided both on-site and virtual ergonomic consulting services for many years. Our cumulative data shows that your company can save over 80% of the cost of an on-site ergonomic intervention by using Virtual Ergonomist.

Let's look at a simple comparison.

Convention On-Site Intervention vs Average Virtual Ergonomic Intervention
On-site visit fee: $750 VE service fee: $125
Follow-up visit: $250 Follow-up call:* Included
Ergonomic products: $650 Ergonomic products:** $225
Shipping: $225 Shipping: $225
Installation: $175 Installation: $175
Total Hard Cost: $2,050 Total Hard Cost: $750

*For a VE intervention, it is not necessary to block out a number of hours for a consultation. Depending on the severity of the issue, a VE intervention may take place, for example, over the course of 1 longer and 2 shorter phone calls to determine the issue(s), make adjustments and follow-up. An intervention can be held when it fits into your schedule and still allow for a productive day!

**Unlike conventional on-site interventions where due to time constraints, a list of products is often recommended for purchase to resolve an ergonomic issue, a virtual ergonomic intervention may take place over a number of phone calls allowing for an escalation of product ordering as needed. We've found with our experience that all of the products on the conventional list do not have to be ordered to resolve the ergonomic issue(s) at hand. Why buy products that are unnecessary?

Hidden Costs

But hard costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Conventional on-site ergonomic interventions have lots of hidden costs, too. It takes time to schedule an on-site visit, which results in lost productivity. In addition, there are the costs of management supervision. OSHA says the hidden cost multiplier is 3, or $6,150, putting the total hard and hidden costs of a conventional on-site ergonomic intervention at $8,200.

The hidden costs for a Virtual Ergonomic intervention are much lower due to our high levels of automation and access to online ergonomic education components via ErgoStat. We use a multiplier of 1.0, which adds only $750 in hidden costs. The total cost for a typical virtual ergonomic intervention is only $1,500!

Conventional Ergonomist (on-site invervention) vs InjuryFree Virtual Ergonomist (telephone ergonomic intervention)

Isn't it time you looked into the Virtual Ergonomic solution?

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