Your Ergonomic Software Solution

Management Tool

ErgoStat is a spectacular tool for human resources, safety and risk managers. ErgoStat will eliminate redundant data collection operations, simplify the search for records, provide your entire team with the information they need to do their jobs right now, and do it all in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.

Administration Dashboard

Administration Dashboard
Administration Dashboard
ErgoStat: Administration Dashboard

ErgoStat's administration dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your current ergonomic issues situation. You'll see at a glance how many risk assessments have been completed, how many active accounts are in the system, what services are scheduled, and more. This quick view will help you quickly establish your workflow for the day and alert you to hot spots that may require your attention.

Enterprise-wide access

ErgoStat: Enterprise Access

Your entire team has access to the data they need to do their jobs. Because ErgoStat is an online ergonomic solution, it doesn't matter where your personnel assets are located – they're all just a quick login away from real-time data.


ErgoStat: Secure

At the same time, ErgoStat is a secure solution, employing all of the data security measures you'd expect in a high-end software tool.

Real-time reporting

ErgoStat: Real-Time Reporting ErgoStat has numerous standard reports available to help you manage your ergonomic issue data. Reports use real-time data to help you identify trends, problem areas, and successes. Good reporting can help you hold your team accountable for their decisions and activities. And perhaps most importantly, real-time reports help you understand the best practices to assist your employees who experience discomfort.

When data is entered into the ErgoStat system, that information becomes available immediately. For example, when an administrator requests an on-site ergonomic evaluation, that request for service appears on the administrator dashboard. It can also become part of a report of, say, service requests. In addition, clicking on that individual dashboard item lets you drill down into the details of the service, where you would see the name of the employee, the name of the ergonomist, date, time and location of service, and more.

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