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Resource Integration and mobilization

ErgoStat Resource Integration

When you assign a task to a resource (say an on-site ergonomic evaluation, for example) ErgoStat's real time notification system alerts that resource to a notice on the ErgoStat system. The system will contain all of the appointment details the ergonomist needs (who, what, where, why) as well as contact information for purposes of scheduling and confirmation. Likewise, ErgoStat notifies the assigning manager when the evaluation is complete and assessment documentation is available on the system. The report, including any photos, scanned drawings, etc., becomes a permanent part of the issues record.

ErgoStat not only makes better use of your time and that of your resources, it eliminates dependence on non-secure email for the transmission of sensitive data.

Whether the resources you deploy are facilities, ergonomic or safety related, ErgoStat will help you:

In short, ErgoStat will help you create the collaborative team you've always dreamed of.

A word about HIPAA compliance


Many organizations are concerned about HIPAA compliance, and rightly so. If your organization uses email to send ergonomic issue information to consulting service providers or even in-house staff members, you may be exposing yourself and your organization to significant HIPAA violations. Even if an email containing sensitive ergonomic issue data is sent to an in-house staff member, unless there is a mechanism in place to prevent the distribution of that email to unauthorized persons within or outside of your organization, you and your organization may have a problem.

ErgoStat takes the guesswork out of HIPAA compliance. ErgoStat simplifies and speeds ergonomic issue data collection and documentation, provides a highly collaborative environment for all of your internal and external resources, provides real-time reporting capabilities and outstanding education resources, all in a HIPAA-compliant online tool. Learn more about how ErgoStat can help with HIPAA compliance.

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