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Employee Interface

Employee Interface: MyErgoStat

ErgoStat has created an employee interface that's not only user-friendly, it's also useful! It's called MyErgoStat, and it will be the homepage for your employees when they log in to the ErgoStat system. MyErgoStat is your employee's portal for ergonomic education. Employees can also use MyErgoStat to notify you of any discomfort they may be experiencing.

First Report

As an administrator, you'll activate your employee into the ErgoStat system. That activation automatically alerts them (using ErgoStat, of course) that they are setup and able to use the system. The notification will include a link to MyErgoStat, where the employee will complete the First Report (if they have reported an ergonomic issue). The First Report data is automatically stored in the ErgoStat system, and the new First Report will be added to the Administrative dashboard view.

Risk Assessment Survey

MyErgoStat helps identify potential problems before they turn into claims. Our Risk Assessment module helps your employees identify areas of weakness or irritation so proper correction can take place.

Ergo Interactive

MyErgoStat: Ergo Interactive
MyErgoStat: Ergo Interactive

An entire section is devoted to helping all of your employees setup their workspace equipment and accessories. From chair and desk setup to the proper use of a mouse, MyErgoStat provides in-depth, interactive tutorials that will help all of your employees have a proper ergonomic workstation.

Ergonomic Education

MyErgoStat: Ergonomic Education
MyErgoStat: Ergonomic Education

MyErgoStat contains all kinds of useful ergonomic tips and education, from how to use your adjustable seating to detailed education related to specific jobs and professions. Self-conducted tests are available and provide immediate feedback for the employee. These tests can be recommended by an internal or contracted ergonomist, and your administrator dashboard will let you know when that test was taken and how well the employee did in comprehending and remembering the material. We believe education is the least expensive step in mitigating ergonomic issues in the workplace, and we're committed to bringing outstanding ergonomic education to you and the employees throughout your organization.

Health & Wellness

MyErgoStat: Health & Wellness
MyErgoStat: Health & Wellness

This extensive section covering a wide variety of health and wellness topics will encourage your employees to live a healthier lifestyle. From food and nutrition to exercise and correct stretching techniques, MyErgoStat delivers information that will help your employees be better performers in the workplace and at home.

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