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Issue documentation

Rapid First Reports

ErgoStat: Rapid First Reports

Getting an ergonomic issue documented quickly and accurately is crucial. The faster a First Report is gathered, the more successful an ergonomic intervention is likely to be. The ErgoStat system makes First Report data available to all appropriate parties in real-time, so your entire team is working from the same page.

You can actually collect issue data with two different methods:

1. Activate the employee in the ErgoStat system, then provide an ErgoStat site link to the employee via email. The employee will go to the link and complete the issue documentation online, where it will safely (and confidentially) become part of your organization's permanent record.

2. Send a hard copy document to the participant for them to fill out and return. Old school, but it works. Usually.

Ergonomic Risk Assessment and Work Environment Surveys

ErgoStat: Survey

First Reports are just the basics. Request an employee to identify ergonomic discomforts to allow you to address pain symptoms before they turn into injuries.

Comprehensive employee work environment surveys allow the system to collect data about your employee's seating, workspace, lighting, phone, computer essentials and accessories, work habits – every pertinent bit of information that can help your ergonomists do a better job of educating your employee and helping him or her avoid discomfort or workplace injury in the future. This detailed information is available to all appropriate team members and eliminates redundant data collection while making future interaction with the employee more effective and productive.

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