Your Ergonomic Software Solution

What's in it for you?

Success. Peace of mind. What more could you ask for?

ErgoStat is the online ergonomic and risk reduction software tool that helps you manage complex ergonomic issues in a highly collaborative, HIPAA-compliant environment. With ErgoStat, you'll work more effectively with all of your ergonomic, safety and facilities resources, whether on-staff or contract, on-site or remote. ErgoStat creates real-time access to critical information so your entire team will be able to respond more quickly and knowledgeably to the needs of your organization's employees.

Outstanding documentation and reporting capabilities mean you'll handle ergonomic issues rapidly and more cost-effectively. After all, dealing quickly with today's discomfort may prevent workplace injury and eliminate tomorrow's claim.

Collaboration + Compliance = ErgoStat

How ErgoStat Works

ErgoStat is comprised of four primary sections:
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