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ErgoStat helps employers comply with HIPAA and protect the confidentiality of employees in a number of ways. First and foremost, the secure, web-based design of ErgoStat helps you make sure that protected health information or other personal information only goes to the correct person for the correct purposes.

Access to the system requires a protected log in. Only those employees who have been given access to personal information can see it. With ErgoStat, intra-company communication can be conducted within the ErgoStat environment, protecting the company, the company’s employees, as well as the privacy rights of the individual in question.

The use of email containing personal information to notify and inform external service providers (ergonomists, facilities, safety) introduces significant risks of breaches of privacy and security. Email is easy to work with, but private medical information can be sent accidentally to people who should not have access to it. And once sent, email is virtually impossible to permanently delete. In the ErgoStat system, email is used to notify third-party providers of a request for service. No details about the individual in question, the nature of the service, or other personal information are included in the email. The email instructs the provider to log on to the secure ErgoStat system to view details of the service request. Once on the secure ErgoStat site, the service provider has access to the pertinent details so necessary appointments can be made.

In addition, ErgoStat is an excellent mechanism for the delivery and permanent recording of standard and customized HIPAA and privacy agreements your company may require of users and third party service providers.

ErgoStat provides necessary administrative safeguards, physical, technical and organizational safeguards to help your company meet the demanding HIPAA standards as well as industry best practices.7

Although no product or service can guarantee that it will bring an organization into full compliance with privacy and security requirements, ErgoStat is your best choice in software and organizational tools to help you achieve and maintain compliance.

These pages provide general information and are not intended to be legal advice.

7 See, e.g. §§ 164.310(a), 164.312(a), (b), (c), (d) and (e).

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