Your Ergonomic Software Solution

ErgoStat makes life simpler for you, the professional ergonomist.

Whether you're on staff at a Fortune 100 location or you're a consultant with 2 or 200 corporate clients, ErgoStat will increase your effectiveness and efficiency as an ergonomic consultant, and do it in a HIPAA-compliant environment.

Here's How:


ErgoStat: Documentation All pertinent data collected using ErgoStat is instantly available to all appropriate parties. HR or risk managers are immediately notified of new issues so requests for your ergonomic intervention services can be made minutes – not days – after first notice. Likewise the data collection you initiate during assessments occurs in real time.


ErgoStat: Survey ErgoStat's survey function collects two broad categories of data for immediate use as well as future reference and followup.


ErgoStat: Collaboration The online risk management tool centralizes all of the data for you and your supervisor to better manage each and every case. The entire team – HR, risk, safety, ergonomics – can view pertinent data in real time.


ErgoStat: Report You'll never hunt for a report or a photograph again. Everything goes into each client-specific file for fast and easy access and permanent recording. Your reports will be more complete and you'll generate them faster, leaving more time to serve your clients.


ErgoStat: Ergonomic Education ErgoStat offers an array of ergonomic education for the user, all online and readily accessible. Readings can be assigned; simple online tests will notify you of the employee's understanding of the material.

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