Your Ergonomic Software Solution

The most comprehensive ergonomic knowledge base

ErgoStat gives your employees instant access to the most comprehensive ergonomic knowledge base available. It's the best place for their ergonomic education to begin. They'll have access to helpful articles, interactive modules and videos on a host of topics, including:

MyErgoStat™ - entry point to the ErgoStat portal

MyErgoStat™ is your employee's homepage for all things ergonomic. In addition to providing access to a vast array of ergonomic educational information, MyErgoStat keeps track of the educational pieces your employee has viewed, which assignments are complete or remain unfinished, and the scores of tests that were self-administered. MyErgoStat also tracks education and product recommendations made by virtual or on-site ergonomists, and provides information on the costs and results of those recommendations.

The data is accessible by management to assess risk and to hold employees accountable for proper use of ergonomics in their work environments.

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Virtual Ergonomics - a revolution in ergonomics

Sometimes your employee needs to talk to an expert, somebody who can respond quickly to an ergonomic concern, before that concern turns into a claim. We call the solution to this Virtual Ergonomics.


ErgoChat provides the opportunity for an employee to chat online with a professional ergonomist. Why wait a week for an on-site ergonomic evaluation when an employee can get immediate feedback using ErgoChat? ErgoChat is real-time, and incredibly cost-effective.

ErgoChat Session

Virtual Ergonomist (VE)

If an employee needs an in-depth ergonomic evaluation, a Virtual Ergonomist, a live remote ergonomist, can work with your employee via the telephone to solve any ergonomic issue. A Virtual Ergonomist can efficiently address your employees' concerns at a fraction of the cost on a typical on-site ergonomic evaluation. Click here to find out more about Virtual Ergonomics.

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