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The Leading Ergonomic Management Solution

ErgoStat is the secure, HIPAA compliant ergonomic software tool that will revolutionize the way you manage ergonomic risk issues throughout your organization. Whether you are in an office or industrial environment, ErgoStat is the perfect ergonomic risk assessment and data management resource.

Fast First Reports and notifications
ErgoStat: Fast First Reports & Notifications

ErgoStat speeds up the First Report process. Your employees will be able to notify you of discomfort issues immediately. You'll alert your internal and external resources of required response faster than ever before. You'll put your entire team in action before pains turn into claims. Learn more about First Reports and issue documentation within ErgoStat.

Complete collaboration
ErgoStat: Collaboration

Internal/external resource management has never been simpler or more effective. All of your ergonomic resources will work within the same risk reduction software tool, enhancing collaboration and standardizing procedures for utmost efficiency. Every service provider you work with will be on the same page you're on. Learn more about integrating your ergonomic resources using ErgoStat.

Enhanced management capability
ErgoStat: Management Dashboard

Your ErgoStat "dashboard" gives you real-time, snapshot views into First Report activity, internal and external ergonomic resource deployment and overall risk levels. One mouse click allows you to drill down to pursue the details you're looking for. ErgoStat provides a sense of control that you've never experienced before. Learn more about the ErgoStat Management Dashboard.

ErgoStat: Secure & HIPAA Compliant

ErgoStat uses industry standard authentication, data validation and storage techniques to ensure your valuable corporate data is secure. In addition, ErgoStat eliminates the use of external email for ergonomic and medical-related issues – the culprit in many HIPAA violations. Authorization levels mean that only the people who need to see sensitive information will have access to it.

Compliance responsibility
ErgoStat: Compliance

Compliance requirements are here, and there are more on the way. Be prepared with ErgoStat. This unique risk management software tool accomplishes the seemingly impossible: enhanced collaboration across all departments, while providing the mechanism for confident HIPAA compliance. Learn more about how ErgoStat can help with HIPAA compliance.